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Einsteinium -- Qt/C++

Windows screen shot - click to enlarge

Einsteinium is a class/widget set for drawing periodic table, written using C++ and TrollTech's Qt. In case you didnt know, the 99th element in the periodic table is Einsteinium ('Es').
See for Qt info.

Download Windows self-extracting file (1.4Mb). This contains the sample application and full source.

It was written in a couple of days, but has a reasonable API and is quite easy to use in your own application. The sample application is freeware. The code is under standard GPL licence. More importantly, there is NO WARRANTY : use at your own risk. Its had very little testing.

Compiler notes: a couple of casts are used, you'll need to enable RTTI. Tested on Win98/VC++6 and Qt 2.3 non-commercial version. Unix versions are expected to work fine, maybe with some tweaks. For all platforms, use Trolltech's tmake or qmake to generate your dsp or makefile from the project (.pro) file provided.

The code uses the QCanvas module from Qt. The main class is 'Element', and derives from QCanvasItem. The sample application just puts a simple QMainWindows around the QCanvas.


Barry R Smith, 29 Sept 2002.